There is a lot to see in Nature Park Ammergau Alps and the Zugspitz region. As we are not able to explain all the beauty in words, we try it in sound and vision. Let's start with our video series "(H)Ammergau - Weil‘s bei uns einfach hammerschön ist.". We hope we can show all the beauty and diversity of the Nature Park Ammergau Alps.

We will post new videos from time to time. Topics will be nature, landscape, hiking, adventures, action, kulture and more. You will also find our videos on our Youtube channel: - YouTube.

(H)Ammergau - Weil‘s bei uns einfach hammerschön ist

Spring and summer in the Ammergau Alps

Mountain hikes in the Ammergau Alps

Culture in the Ammergau Alps

Family vacation in the Ammergau Alps

Bicycle tours in the Ammergau Alps

More videos

Weisenblasen at lake "Soier See"

Great evening mood at Wetzsteinrücken

Paragliding in the Ammergau Alps


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